China petroleum equipment industry present situation analysis

Oil equipment has been the indispensable part of the oil industry development, our country from the early liberation is entirely dependent on foreign oil, annual production of 100000 tons of crude oil, to rely mainly on domestic equipment to develop into today’s annual production of 165 million tons of crude oil, oil refining capacity of 220 million tons/year, in the process of petroleum equipment in the oil industry development level and scale in the process of growing is growing more and more strong. Petroleum equipment industry in our country can say today also for leading position in the world, China petroleum equipment industry is the steady pace on their own.

At present, our country has production capacity of 1000-9000 – m series complete set of drilling rig, which can produce 3200 meters of large and medium-sized sets of drilling rig has lanzhou petrochemical machine factory, baoji petroleum machinery factory; There are some companies, such as sichuan guanghan oil aprint co., LTD., etc. Can also produce oil rig; 3200 meters below the ocean’s surface and drill factory has four to five, representative is nanyang petroleum machinery plant and jianghan petroleum machinery factory 4. Annual output can reach 1200 units, and adopted the international advanced AC – SCR DC electric drive, some still adopt AC frequency conversion device.

Mechanical recovery equipment of the pumping unit, sucker rod, a sprinkling pump production is bigger, annual production capacity of more than 20000 sets, in addition to meet the needs of the domestic oil fields, there are a large number of exports; Electric submersible pump is introduced in the 1980 s the United States first-class technology, the technical level and production technology and abroad. Tianjin motor factory in the 1990 s for xinjiang tarim desert oil field in our country successfully developed the sand prevention, resistant to high temperature (150 ℃), high lift, day production capacity of 300 m 3 electric submersible pump, represents the highest level of electric submersible pump production technology in China. The current annual production capacity of 2600 units. Can produce suitable for wellbore diameter 5 1/2 “to 7”, temperature is 50-150 ℃, pressure for more than 10 mpa and all kinds of complete sets of electric submersible pump, and can achieve the radar company technical performance and quality.

Oil (gas) wellhead is relatively mature products in our country. The technical parameters and performance quality can meet the requirements of onshore oil fields and desert oil field. Share of the market for offshore oil field is more than 60%. Pressure levels 21, 35, 70, 105 mpa. Jiangsu golden lake petroleum machinery factory production of oil (gas) wellhead, already enter the international market.

Oil and gas water treatment device is a high technical content of system device. In the 1980 s by lanzhou petroleum machinery research institute under the state council in conjunction with the lanzhou petroleum and chemical machinery works, guangzhou heavy machinery works the CE – NATCO company introduced advanced technology, and digestion and absorption, the current production of oil and gas water treatment device has been able to meet the demand of land oil field, and is widely applied in the desert oil field. How set in tarim, karamay, tuha, liaohe and huabei oilfield. Domestic oil and gas water three phase separator with new liquid – gas interface control technology, after making the separation of stable and reliable in the three-phase interface. Indirect fire heater is adopted and the selection of optimal heating temperature control technology, will enter the separator of crude oil temperature control in the range of the best separation efficiency has reached the oil water cut less than 5%, the gas in oil is less than 0.5 g/standard, three-phase separation precision is less than + / – 5%, working pressure for 5 to 10 mpa, liquid capacity 1000 m3 / day, gas capacity up to 80 x 104 m 3 / day.

Workover rig is one of a long production history of petroleum equipment in our country, can satisfy the need of onshore oil fields in our country, and has set up into the offshore platform, also exported to the United States, Canada and other countries. At present, the machine can produce hook load is 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons and 12 tons, workover concentration of 3600 meters, 4500 meters, 5500 meters and 7200 meters of workover rig. In order to meet the needs of the shallow well workover, successfully developed the hook load of 30 tons, 40 tons, concentration of workover well for 2000-3000 – m car decoration machine. Main production enterprises with nanyang petroleum machinery plant, tonghua petroleum chemical machinery co., LTD and jianghan petroleum machinery factory 4. Jianghan petroleum machinery factory has 4 can produce 14 varieties of workover rig. In 1996, xinjiang tarim desert oil field in our country developed hook load 120 tons of workover rig represents the highest form of workover rig in our country.

Lanzhou general machine factory is the earliest manufacturer of cementing and fracturing equipment, jianghan petroleum machinery factory, 4 but in 1998, successfully developed the computer control, automatic cementing slurry system, can automatically complete the mud density collection, calculation, analysis, and automatically adjust to the best state; At the same time, has been developed for the offshore oil field for 49 mpa pressure, displacement of 2773 l/min cementing pump group, make domestic cementing equipment on offshore platforms. Concerning the special requirements of working condition of the desert oil field in 1997 developed a pressure of 80 mpa, 2600 l/min, with automatic recording, print, and long-distance transmission parameters such as flow, pressure function of cementing fracturing units, starting in the 1990 s, jianghan petroleum machinery factory working pressure of 105 mpa 4 fracturing truck, and has set up a successful.

In short, in addition to the offshore oil equipment, gas industry equipment with foreign gap is bigger, onshore oil equipment gap compared with foreign oil equipment. Some of the main drilling equipment, such as complete sets of drilling, cementing, fracturing equipment, workover rig, such as wellhead and the level of foreign basic quite, or close to foreign level; Some conventional oil equipment, such as smoke machine, electric submersible pump, oil drilling and abroad at the same level. However, due to the development of the foreign power is strong, good development foundation, technology development is fast, our country’s petroleum equipment at any time after being thrown. In addition, there are some common gap, such as poor quality of basic components; Poor ability to complete or to pry; Product quality is not stable; New product new technology development is slow, etc., is well worth oil equipment machinery research, design, manufacturing department.

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